How Can Life’s Purpose Be Found?

That’s what I’m trying to find out


What is life’s purpose? To help beings exist, yes…but why?

That’s what I’m trying to find out.  I’ve read a lot of articles on trying to find life’s purpose which seems so simple, yet it’s been hard to do.

That’s one reason this blog was created.

They say having a creative outlet (like writing thoughts and feelings down on paper) will help uncover truths about yourself. Makes sense if you enjoy to write every night…but I wanted to be a bit more accountable for my thoughts and feelings and what better way than to make them public!  It may be extreme, but I’m hoping this blog can help others along the way.

I’ve been struggling to find a work life balance since having my first child 4 years ago. The struggle to be the perfect partner and parent is real. There seems to be no end to this daily life anxiety and I’m determined to figure it out. It’s debilitating and frustrating, and the people closest to me get the brunt of the wickedness that manifests from it.

Another reason this blog was created was to have my voice be heard- willingly, of course. Social media has a way of sneaking up on you…and not in a good way. Being constantly bombarded with bad news is rough on everyone, but especially those with big opinions. I’m an introvert at heart but love to voice my thoughts and many a “fight” has been started because of it.  That’s not zen! It ruins relationships and skyrockets anxiety so if that’s something you’re guilty of, you may want to consider whether or not starting an online fight is worth it to you.

This blog is my chance to practice zen- daily thoughts, feelings and wisdom that appear will be documented as I move through this journey of life.  It’s too short and must be appreciated.

Will you join me?

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