Random Thought: I Don’t Want To Be An Adult

Who says you should have to be an adult?

Yeah, yeah…responsibilities and such. You can’t really get through life without having any. But, who says you have to act like an adult?

I, for one, am tired of having to present myself in a way that is not me. I’m a child at heart. I love to laugh, make stupid jokes and act like an idiot. The stress of life has taken that away.

But, why?

Why have I allowed that to happen? Why does anyone? Because we base our lives on a certain way of living. Women shouldn’t fart. Men shouldn’t play video games when there’s work to do. Kids should look twenty when they’re thirteen.

I’m not sure where this all comes from. I’m not sure if most people even feel this way, really. I know I’m guilty of thinking along these lines every so often. The stress of providing for children and keeping up with how others perceive me has made me into something I don’t want to be.

All I know is that I don’t want to keep holding myself and my family up to a certain standard. I’m not even sure if anyone’s judging me (well, I can think of at least one person, for sure), but if they are, screw it.

Join me in this thought. Be you. Be authentically you, no matter what.

If I want to cosplay at a horror convention, I will.

You know, I actually really want to.

BTW, credit for the painting my daughter is holding up from Little Punk People

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