Clutter And The Mind Are Not Compatible

So why do we more often than not choose clutter?

Just yesterday, I had an epiphany: clutter drives me bonkers.

About three months ago my partner and I moved into a small living space with our toddler, and about one month after that, I gave birth to another child. While having children can be joyous, I’ve found it very hard to accomplish anything. Being too busy keeping up with daily tasks like laundry, dishes, toy clean up and catching up on sleep, there hasn’t been much time to get organized. So many ideas, so much stuff…everywhere.

I’m constantly getting rid of stuff, too. I’ve filled about 6 donation boxes…and that doesn’t include all the stuff I donated BEFORE the move. It seems that no matter how much I get rid of, more accumulates. How in the world is that possible?!

The more you get rid of, the more stuff you see that you don’t need

My partner and I sat down to talk about things yesterday and that’s how I had my epiphany. I’ve been feeling extremely overwhelmed lately and while I could venture a guess as to part of the reason being the stresses of two kids, there was also some underlying issue that I wasn’t quite addressing. When asked why I feel so overwhelmed, I thought and thought before answering the question. I looked around the kitchen and this came to mind: the clutter of all the stuff yet to be organized was bringing me down. When I get up after a so-so night’s sleep and see things everywhere, it drains me. I have no energy to tackle that extra task and in turn, I wake up feeling the same every single day. The anxiety is debilitating.

It seems rather stupid to be so focused on what’s out of place that it makes you lethargic and stressed. But, for highly sensitive and easily overwhelmed people like me, it’s as real as sunshine.

So, how do we break this cycle?

I’m honestly still trying to figure this out, but I’m starting with these first steps:

1. Dedicate a time for organization
While it’s important to designate some time every day to your own well being, it’s also important to designate a time to tackle an area of the home that is bothersome. My problem is that I was using that (very rare) extra time to binge on Netflix which, while entertaining in the moment, is actually the worst enemy for people like me. It’s much easier to tackle those daily tasks when my home is streamlined and efficient.

2. Don’t expect perfection
Sometimes, it’s best to just wing things rather than overthink it. I get an idea and research to try to find the best way to do something, and in the end, I don’t end up doing anything because I’m overwhelmed by trying to be perfect. If you get an idea, go with your gut. Unless you have to use a power tool or something that needs actual research, you’ll only whip yourself into an anxious frenzy if you’re highly sensitive. Remember, perfect doesn’t exist. Good enough does!

3. Use what you already have
Have empty shoe boxes lying around? Just bought a huge box of diapers? Turn those into drawer dividers or storage bins! There are plenty of ideas on YouTube or Pinterest that can help you with your crafts. It’s also a good way to let out some of that creative energy while saving you a little bit of money and you can do it with your kids! Anything handmade is better than anything you could buy in a big box shop. Besides, the more you buy, the more clutter you will have!

4. Don’t buy more stuff!
Organizing your home can seem like a daunting task that will never end. Remember, a big reason why we accumulate so much clutter is because we often buy things we don’t need! Before you buy anything, think about why you want it. Then, consider if you really need it. Often times we make purchases based on impulses or to feel better about ourselves. Think about slowly acquiring items with meaning instead of buying cheap alternatives.

These are just some ideas I have for getting myself on track. Hopefully they’ll help you,too. Feel free to leave any ideas you have in the comments below!

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