UPDATE on 30 Day Challenge: No Social Media Politics

UPDATE On 30 Day Challenge: No Social Media Politics

I wish I had some good news to share with you about this 30 Day Challenge.

But, I don’t.

I started this 30 Day Challenge because I was tired of being sucked into the draining vortex that is social media, and more importantly, the politics that comes with it. Everyone seems to want to share their opinions so badly. And not just share, but force it upon you with no couth or empathy.

I can understand the want and appeal of this new age of technology. It’s never been easier to know things, to research…and to become enemies with someone whom you’ve never met. Things are constantly getting blown out of proportion. People are now so on edge and sensitive to the everyday occurrences of real life. People are quick to blame others for their own faults. No one is turning inward to face their demons. It’s all masculine, outward energy. Where’s the divine feminine in all this? Everyone, regardless of sex, has both the divine masculine and feminine energy (which I’ll save the explanation of for another post). We’ve reached a boiling point with all this masculine energy and I’m so tired of being dragged into it.

Back to the 30 Day Challenge results of week one.

The first couple days went well. Though I’m on social media a lot to promote this blog, I was able to avoid any controversial post and focus on my work (I’m rather disorganized in my approach, which may be a reason why it’s so easy to fall into that Facebook trap).

On the third day, I did comment on a post that was not controversial, and my comment was rather benign. So, I think, “Well, I guess I can do this. Feels good to just put my opinion out there and have it be fun!”

Cut to a couple days later, and…well, for lack of a better phrase: Shit hit the fan. I was having a rough couple days at that point and I was bored. Instead of turning inward or doing something productive, I found myself scrolling…and looking at the trending topics of the day. Big Mistake! While I was able to clear out some negative information on Facebook, there are some things you just can’t clear out. Somehow, someway, they get you!

Something I saw really stood out and made me angry. Being in a bad mood, I wanted to be heard. And so, there I went, commenting away. I wouldn’t say it was negative because I was really trying to open people’s eyes to what REALLY is the problem in this world. But, positive or not, it’s still a drag. Many people have their eyes closed to the world. They see through other’s opinions and fail to look inward to figure things out for themselves. They are quick to blame something outside of themselves. When we’re stubborn and set in our ways, there is nothing anyone can do for us.

We are not in charge of everyone’s journey of self.

I wish that more people could see things the way I do. I wish this world was different. My thoughts are not the end all be all, but is it so bad to want peace?

I cannot control the ideas and actions of others. But, I can control my reaction. Sitting on my bed, being angry and commenting on social media is NOT a catalyst for change. To truly change the world, real actions need to be taken.

Long story short, I failed this challenge in the first week.

I’d say this was not necessarily an impossible challenge, but one has to be extremely comfortable with boredom and anger. I’m still in my infant stage of this journey of self. There are many times where I don’t think to take my own advice- I just do what I’ve always done. I don’t hate myself for failing because this is all a learning experience. Only through challenges do we grow.

Even failed 30 Day Challenges.

If you’re doing this 30 Day Challenge, please, let me know how it’s going!

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5 thoughts on “UPDATE On 30 Day Challenge: No Social Media Politics

  1. I really liked this post Patty. It’s so hard to stay quiet when there’s so much wrong going on in this world and well…I don’t think it will all stop anytime soon; sadly. So I don’t think you will be able stay away from commenting on social
    media. The only thing I can recommend is to maybe take a break. Maybe one week yes and one week no? 30 days straight seems very cold turkey. 🙂

    1. You’d think we were talking about smoking or drinking! ðŸĪŠ I mean, who gets addicted to commenting? 🙄 It is rather cold turkey, you’re right. I will try a different approach. Thanks for the feedback!

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