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Welcome to Patty Zen!


My name is Patty (no, really!) and I live in Western Massachusetts with my fiance and two children.

Through most of my twenties, I thought I was destined to live a life surrounded by exploiters, full of low ambition and bad choices. While eventually I was able to remove myself from most of it, it became clear that I turned into what I most detested.

I’m hoping that exposing my journey to wellness and truth via this blog will help others who, like me, seem to have lost their way.

Actively pursuing a more conscious lifestyle, I decided to start blogging in order to be held accountable for my actions (or lack there of) to live a better, happier life. While much of my insight is inspired by simplicity, calmness and the idea of Zen, real life is more often than not complicated, stressful and messy. You will see the best of both worlds in this blog and via my social media.

Please, join me on this journey!





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